Sufficient playground attaches for outdoor games Football, Volleyball, Cricket, etc.

Seminar Hall:

Well furnish and comedy with the audio, video, Mick, over head projector, blackboard with the seating of 100 participant


Rama Devi B.Ed College has an aesthetically designed compare which provide good infrastructure with spacious classrooms seminar hall, activity room, halls that all well furnished modern good galleries like opt., TV, VCR, LCD and Video Camera etc. A well auditorium for expects lecture seminar, debates, presentation is a statements. Computer:-Computer Lab Today,s era is computer era.ue are know the importance’s of computers in our daily life comost all the department are working with the help of computer. A well equipped computer lab with facility of internet is available for the students to make them eligible to handle the computer for their technical development. Language Lab:- We have well established state at well language lab. The lab is well equiped with catest CD’s , DVD’s from british council as well. The lab broad band internet connection with individual computer and head phone. Educational Technology Lab:-The educational technology lab is well equipped with all types of multimedia equipments standing from LCD projector. Radio, TV, CD, DVD, Audio Cassette Recorder, Slide-Cum-Film-Strip projector of 35 mm, one Overhead Projector, one Still Camera, ten Blank Audio Cassettes, Art Materials for preparation of Charts and Slides, materials for transparencies, 3 computer with supporting accessories, Facilities for accessing and use of digital learning resources and Access to Internet.

Scince Lab-:-

A well equipped spacious laboratory with working model to develop a scientific temples charts and specimen the lab is child friendly and provide a conduction environment it performance experiment and work on a projects. The institution has multiple sets of Science apparatus required to perform and demonstrate all. The experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior secondary classes. Chemicals etc. Are also available in the required quantity.

Psychology Laboratory-:-

Psychologist is available to students for consultation on career as problems like lack of confidence lack of concentration etc. students can take to the psychologist without any hesitation and discuss their problems. it consist of various study material for different psychological test. Apparatus for simple experiments related to Educational Psychology, Intelligence Tests (Performance, non-verbal and verbal) Aptitude Test, Creativity Tests, Personality Scales, Attitude Tests and Interest Inventories.

Education Technology Lab:-

Technical Dictionaries 0003
Technical Dictionaries 0003
Research Journals 0008
Other Journals 0022
Monthly Magazines’ 0010
Daily News Papers 0003
Weekly News Papers 0002


In the library 3320 books are available which comprises of the following subjects-
1 The library Above 3000 books including text books on teacher education, educational technology, education psychology, educational administration & Management. Health Education, Computer Education, Methods of Teaching various subjects etc. with a 300 reference books. Five journals of which three professional educational journals and at three sent of encyclopedia. The centre has got a well furnished knowledge center learning resources centrise spread own vast are a and has a collection of all esteem and assorted titles, it has a large member of subscribed national and international journal.
Number of Books Quantity
Text Books 5754
Jounrals 03
Encylalopidia 07
Reference Books 456