Infrastructure Details:-

Sr NoOwnership Document / Lease Agreement for Rented BuildingIn Square Meters/ Yes Or No
1 Total Area 9000.00
2 Covered Area 3650
3 Whether the Title of the land is on Ownership basis Yes
4 Title of the land is on lease as per law No
5 Land Use Certificate obtained for Education Institution Yes
6 Duration of lease No
7 Construction of the building is complete Yes
8 Building is yet to be constructed No
9 Building is fire safety-proof Yes
10 4 Building is disabled friendly Yes
11 Common room for boys/girls available Yes
12 Number of Classrooms 4
13 Class Room 24.9x22=50.58+24.9x22=50.58=101.61
14 Principal Room 12x22=24.50
15 Staff Room 12x16=172
16 Science Lab 37.6X26=53.54
17 IT Lab 24.9x32.9=78.93
18 Home Science 37.6x26=88.00
18 Home Science 37.6x26=88.00