Director Message:-

Teaching is like no other profession. A teacher wears many hats, She is a commons color, a disciplinarian, a conveyor of information an evaluation, a classroom manager counselor ,a decision makes a surrogate parent to serve in these various discipline. Teacher need to be able to transform their classroom into dynamic student centered learning environment in which learner’s interacting with peers both in their own. Classroom as well as is virtual class space around the world through the internet. .


                                                                                                                         Mr.Durga Prasad tiwari  



Principal Message :-

My Dear Students Our College has a strong commitment to Quality Competency Education, Restraint and Customs. Our college Mission is to teach the Teachers more by what their need, than what their expect. Our Mission will assure that we craved the teachers, who will craved the sculpture which will give light to the World. We are dedicated to provide the education to the teachers with what their need, than what their expect. The progress of an educational institution rests on committed faculty members and staff, supportive administration, quality infrastructure, large pool of learning resources and responsive students. We are making persistent effort to effectively address each and every aspect of this dimension.

                                                                                                                         Mr.Mahaveer Prasad Parashar 



Vice-Chairman Message:-