Activities :-

YOGA, PRANAYAM , ART & CRAFT, MUSIC , DANCE , GAMES AND SPORTS: It is followed regularly As teaching is not a mechanical process even the best curriculum and the most perfect syllabus remains dead unless quickened into life by the right ways of teaching and provisions has been provided for it by utility of participatory learning activities, small group discussion, seminars, library work, written assignments.

Our slant of education includes following Programs and Practical activities & Facilities.

Latest educational equipments like LCD's OHP's

Computer Lab

Regular Guidance and counseling

Personality grooming program me


Spacious pollution free campus.

Centrally, air cooled campus

Qualified & Experienced faculties

Qualified & Experienced faculties



Tele-conference, Video-conference



Brian Storming

Ice Braking

Teaching Practices


1. Analysis the training needs

2. Identification of the enrichment areas and its content co-relates

3. Task Analysis and content analysis

4. Orientation of instructional designing

5. Simulation and micro skill practicing

6. Conducting action research and case studies for slow learners and high achiever

7. Conducting psychological tests

8. Preparing Audio-Visual aids from local resources

9. Training for the purposeful use of multimedia & projective techniques

10. Continuous evaluation techniques for testing scholastic and non scholastic

achievements 11. Formative and summative evaluation with gradation technique

12. Lab work and project work


We specially apply

1. Demonstration

2.Brain storming

3. Role play

4. Work shop

5. Micro teaching and simulation

6. Computer assisted learning

7. Tutorials

8. Interactive